Sunday, August 25, 2013

tiny meditations

Friday afternoon, five-ish, and I am gripping the handle of my Walmart shopping cart, standing in a place that I hope is out of the way, silently but ferociously asking the Universe for loving patience to undo the shitty negative attitude that has formed not only in my mind but was creeping into my whole presence.  People had almost run me over with their carts full of junk food and soda, toddlers had assaulted my ears with incessant and shrieking complaining about what they wanted and were not getting, mothers responding to children with barely controlled mania,  all around me a microcosm of the world in which we live; messy, needy and loud.  Before stopping for this tiny meditation, my inner voice was mean, rotten, impatient and judgemental.

While I was imploring asking the Universe to step in, I heard a little 'ding' and looked at my smartphone.... Could this be the Universe responding?  I looked at the message from a friend I had seen the night before (along with his wife), and I read, "We have determined that you are probably one of the sweetest human beings we know".  I replied, "nuh-uh".  I was further from sweet than a cloud is to the earth in this moment.   Then I sent another message, "I had stopped to ask the Universe for a less shitty attitude when I got your note. lol".  His reply, "Good.  Get over it."  (If you ever read my blog, Roy, Thanks, Doc.)

This tiny exchange halted my momentum and underlined my need for Universal intervention. It also proved that a negative attitude isn't me, its my choice.  Stop.  Refocus.  Smile.  Remember the power of tiny meditations where ever I find myself; take back my power to be positive; take back my power to love others even in their unflattering moments.  Remember The Way and the pilgrims path no matter where my feet are planted.


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