Wednesday, August 28, 2013


This noon, a friend and I learned as we were finishing our lunch that another group of diners had paid our check for us.  Doesn't that just make you smile?  I've thought about it a few times since and I keep returning not to the fact that lunch was free today, rather, to the generosity of spirit that made a stranger decide to do something quite unexpected and nice for another human being.

As we learned our fortune, I smiled at my friend and said, "we get to pay it forward another day!"  It makes me smile even more anticipating that I can make another human being feel the way I've felt today.

As it turns out, there was business attached to my lunch.  We were discussing ways that I could help by volunteering to do some writing for the non profit charitable organization she works for. We were discussing how magical it is when a group of like minded people get together to create good for their community, we were discussing giving.  And look what the Universe provided -a reason to be even more excited about and grateful for generosity of spirit.

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