Tuesday, March 18, 2014

deadlines & details

I never imagined that I would be somewhere inside of the process of making hundreds of pieces of jewelry.  It doesn't seem that long ago that I made one pair of earrings or piece of jewelry now and then to satisfy my personal craving for something new.  Deadlines are a love/hate experience:  I'm grateful to have one, yet selfishly I want to savor the creative part of creating away from any kind of time frame.  At the end of the day, I have a show in South Carolina the end of this month, and the Dogwood Festival the end of April -  and I'm the one one who signed up for both.  It's both deeply satisfying and really time consuming.  I imagine and operate from the goal of a total of roughly 700 items created with creativity and craftsmanship over the next weeks.  (It's what I want/wanted, and I'm blessed!)

Time is generous, and time is impatient.

Simultaneously, I am planning more to the detail my pilgrimage across Spain, and it's coming up so quickly!  What backpack; 20, 35, 40, or 45 litres?  Is 3 pr of socks good for a rotation for 6 weeks?  Am I being indulgent to pack 4 pr of underpants?  (how much do underpants weigh, anyhow?)  Can I get a limited amount of International Phone Time from my mobile provider or do I need to get a temporary way of communicating with Mat if necessary - will my debit card work there? .......  Should I cut off a piece of bar soap so I carry only a percentage of the weight, will I need just a liner bag or a full sleeping bag... I know for sure that the weight of a guidebook is sheer indulgence given how well the Way is marked - but do I want to tear out particular pages and add them to my pack? Aaaahhhhh!!!!!! The details in this scenario as well as just about any other scenario in life are what threaten to diminish my beautiful experience as Kerstin Ruth Hanson.  Why do people go on a Pilgrimage; a journey of personal discovery; a Spiritual experience... I don't know about anyone else but -  I'm working on trusting that all will be always as it's supposed to be.  Amen.

I am learning to trust that whatever I need when I need it will be provided whether it's physical, emotional, spiritual or intellectual.  And it's inside of a two-dimensional experience of being tied to what I said I wanted while I'm also preparing for what I know nothing about.  It's all part of a crazy little thing we call life.  And we are supposed to live it.  

Be well, be kind, be loving, be happy.



  1. Hi Kerstin:
    I am walking the Camino Frances for the third time starting April 20 - email me if you want some answers to those questions. My blog of the last Camino and my walking/training is www.caminowanderings.blogspot.ca.
    Buen Camino!

    1. Hello Darlene :)
      Thanks for your comments! the preparation is interesting; one minute I am a confident minimalist and the next I am second guessing my confidence - almost as if upon deciding to walk, The Way begins the moment the decision is made ❤️ I will be reading your blog & reaching out with questions if necessary.
      Buen Camino!