Friday, February 21, 2014


Sitting with myself in my neighbors hot tub
Probably had one too many glasses of wine
Gazing at the stars and thinking of my daddy
There are only so many places a girl can really cry

Thankful for the beauty that he was
So Generous and sometimes slow to get the punch line
Deeper than the glass of drink he often got lost in
And as loving as a daughter could hope for

I'm gonna miss him

When I was younger, We debated classical music versus Rush (what I was into at the time)
He gave me a little point for composition - but not for ear candy
In that realm I succeeded only in building a bridge
For him to cross in the future for his musical grandson

I'm gonna miss him

I am the daughter of a preacher turned social minister
And I really didn't give it enough thought as I'm reminiscing tonight
He planted seeds and let me be my own gardener
I didn't thank him for that

I'm gonna miss him

I said to my daddy and the stars tonight
I'm sad, I'm grateful, and I'm torn up good and right
We don't always say the things that we should say when we should
It's alright, it's alright.

Peace, Kerstin
ps - tell someone that you love them

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  1. Very nice post Kerstin. I've posted a response to your comments on my blog both here and there.

    Here's hoping you're blogging. I don't know what you'll be using to blog with, but WIFI will be widely available on the camino. Having blogged from foreign countries, it's pretty easy and no cost, unless you're connecting via a phone link. A good friend of mine who has walked the camino tell me I should leave my tablet at home to better experience the walk. Probably good advise, but I'll most likely be taking it with me. The bursitis is better, still some pain but getting better. This year is now out for my camino, so here's hoping for next year.