Tuesday, November 19, 2013

introspective vs gregarious

I've spent countless hours behind a microphone and a piano with others before me, facing me.  I've spent countless hours quietly writing or trying to write.  I've been the life of the party; I've been a party of one.  I've been introspective in a crowd learning to listen to and share my heart and I've been gregarious in my solitude....wanting to find and feel my tribe.  In either case, the connective energy seems to be the goal; the connection to others, the connection to our journey; our soul; our Self.  The energy created through connection is more satisfying than most anything I can think of as I write.

In quiet ways we seek meaning and understanding; in louder ways we seek those who seem to understand and be interested in our journey.  They're not so distant, introspection and gregariousness. Even the most opinionated persons I know or have known describe their opinion in order to determine if they are in the company of 'their tribe' or not.  Agreement isn't necessarily a tribe-member-qualification; acceptance, however, is.

Just like a group, I do this with myself, internally -the parts of me I accept, and the parts of me that I reject.  Making connections is as much an internal journey as an external journey.  Perhaps introverted vs gregarious should be revised to how much of each ingredient equals connection; what's your ratio?  What's my ratio?  How do I connect with myself and others in a way that creates beautiful energy for everyone?


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