Friday, November 15, 2013

coffee & questions

Will solitude be quite different in unfamiliar yet beautiful surroundings?  I wonder this as I sit with coffee and pen in hand this morning.  I know solitude; I crave solitude; and I create solitude in chunks of time most days.  There is a lovely stillness and quiet as I work focused only on the task I am involved in.  I am filled and satisfied by creating beauty.  No television, no radio, my quiet only interrupted these days by the heater kicking on to keep me comfortable as I work.  It is enough to explore my thoughts as they occur, wondering to myself the mundane; how does one peel a pumpkin? To the more introspective; will the eventual wearer of this piece of jewelry feel my joy, my love in creating it?

I wonder when I am walking on the Camino, will my internal experiences be similar to this, the mundane and introspective coexisting together in a peaceful harmony, in the call and response of my experience as a human being?  More to the point, will my Self be up to the task of focusing on putting one foot in front of the other for miles each day and still be able to mine through the grit of my heart and soul to find the gemstones?


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