Monday, September 16, 2013

design flaw

Recently my daughter suggested to me that I should try to develop the habit of waking to write a note in order to recall my dreams the next morning.  I've tried to do it, but more often than not I struggle to get my eyes open, roll over to the bedside table, put my glasses on and capture the essence of my dream-thought.  Last night I managed to take those steps and capture a bit of what my sleeping-self was thinking about.

My 3am note to myself begins with 'design problem'.  I guess we must all work a little while dreaming.  The issue as I recall it now was multi-dimensional; my note continues, 'forgetting to anticipate inner diameter after beads are added'.  Clearly I was working out a design for a piece of jewelry when using a different size bead than my original design called for, but there is more.  I remember feeling this deep sense of knowing something.

The idea that something on the inside changes when we change something on the outside - and that we have the ability to anticipate that change seems to be the more subtle and deeper message.  So often we are shaken by a design flaw in ourselves or in our relationships with others and without even thinking, we do everything we can to maintain things just as they appear to be on the outside because we have such a strong tendency to resist change.  But without anticipating changes, the result is that it might not fit well.

Life, like a simple piece of jewelry, is so malleable when we work through a design challenge while its a work in progress.  Or, we can keep it up only to have to take it apart and start over.



  1. I'm at a loss for a description here. I absolutely love this concrete example of how the mind works through things: relationships, ourselves, etc. Just love the way you write. Does it just flow or do you go back and edit a lot? Just curious.

  2. Thank you for your kind words :). To answer your question; yes, there is a flow when I write. However, there is always editing to polish it up!