Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I awoke pre-dawn this morning and realized that I was dreaming of walking.  I recalled my daughter telling me with awe some years ago that she had dreamt in Spanish the night before.   The realization that you are becoming fully immersed in something new can certainly occur in the dream world.  Waking from a dream with a contented feeling seems to be a sign that any fear or reservation attached to the dream's topic is removed.

I delayed getting out of bed for a bit, and instead imagined myself waking in a Refugio along The Way, rolling out of bed, putting my socks and hiking boots on, and finally putting my mochilla on my back and heading out to walk to the next Refugio.  Then I imagined stopping after awhile for cafe con leche and a tortilla breakfast.  Now that I am up, with a cup of steaming, wonderful coffee in hand I can imagine stopping for the day, unlacing my boots, wiggling my toes and quietly rejoicing the gifts of physical ability, mental confidence, and depth of spirit.

I am grateful this morning for starting this day with peace, joy, and dreams that lead to The Way.


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